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It’s Getting Louder

Wait! Do you hear it? Listen! Hold your breath if you need to – it’s there.  It’s that still small voice that tells you some change is coming.  We all sense it don’t we?  There’s a restlessness in our world today. There’s an uneasisness.  There’s an anticipation.  Even the non-believer …

Finding Peace in the Midst of Turmoil – Part 2

There is only one way to have this abiding peace, however, and that is by faith. It is the foundation for living in God’s peace. Faith is an active, confident trust in His presence and power to provide, sustain and comfort you no matter the circumstance. There are issues, however, that can rob us of that abiding peace, if we are not vigilant to guard against them.

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Our Source of Hope…

Dear Friends, I received an email from my parents that was forwarded to them several weeks ago. In this email was a link to a video on youTube.  It took me a few days to get around to watching it….I sure am glad my mom kept reminding me to be …

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God Is Merciful

In a previous devotional posted earlier this week (He Inhabits Praise) I wrote about the difference between praise and thankfulness to our Lord.  Praise is to exalt orworship and thankfulness is being grateful.  Many times, when our prayers are answered, we praise the Lord and give thanks to Him for …

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He Inhabits Praise

PRAISE:  Expression of approval, commendation or admiration; extolling or exaltation of a deity, ruler or hero. To extol, exalt; to worship. THANKFULNESS: Feelings of gratitude; grateful. I have eluded, in a couple of previous posts, about some trials that Ronnie and I have been walking through – seemingly since this …

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You Want Who, Lord?

Fear of failure kept me from doing many things as a kid and young adult. Fear of failure kept me from taking risks and kept me from achieving all that God equipped me to achieve. If you are a believer God has already equipped you with any abilities needed to carry out His will – all you and I need to do is trust Him like Moses eventually did.