It’s Getting Louder


Wait! Do you hear it? Listen! Hold your breath if you need to – it’s there.  It’s that still small voice that tells you some change is coming.  We all sense it don’t we?  There’s a restlessness in our world today. There’s an uneasisness.  There’s an anticipation.  Even the non-believer feels it. It’s that feeling that something HUGE is getting ready to happen.

There is a fire beginning to burn in the hearts of believers. Maybe in your life it’s simply an ember but that’s okay.  God is doing unbelievable things. He’s moving! He’s stirring! He’s pricking the hearts of many believers and fanning the flame.  There is an excitement welling up within me that is growing to the point I can hardly contain it!  God is doing SOMETHING!  You may wonder what it is. I can only speculate because I can’t pretend to know the mind of God. I can say, with certainty however, that His return is eminent and we will be caught up with Him in the clouds soon.  The birth pangs are getting closer together.  For the first time in my life I can honestly say I hope it’s very very soon!

We are at a point, in our country, that I couldn’t have fathomed 10 years ago! I always knew it would be bad before we were raptured but I could never wrap my mind around just HOW bad!  Guess what! It’s going to get worse! Much worse, I’m afraid – that is, if the Lord tarries!! The storm is coming…you can almost smell the rain of hardship and persecution in the air. The thunder can be heard in the distance and is getting louder!!

We have seen and always known that there were Christians persecuted for their faith – and so it is, now, in America!!  Frightening?  You betcha!  What other nations have endured for decades and centuries we are now beginning to get a taste of ourselves.  Granted, we haven’t begun to scratch the surface of suffering that believers in other countries have endured but if the Lord tarries it is coming to you and me.

I know, I know. All of this is scary – at least it is for me!! BUT it’s also exciting!  It’s exciting to see the Hand of God moving in a miraculous way. Revival is happening in other countries at MACH speed. Souls are being saved by the thousands! Other countries are praying for America. It’s exciting to know that, in spite of everything that is happening in our country, God is in control of it all!  It’s exciting to know that God is quickening the church and there is an urgency in the hearts of believers, all over the world, to spread the gospel like never before.  There IS a storm coming but there’s an excitement too!  Why?  What is creating this excitement?

The excitement is because this is not our earthly home. The more debauchery and godlessness take root in this world the more the Christian feels like an alien in a foreign land! The excitement is knowing that soon we will be going to OUR Home!

Have you ever gone away on a trip for a couple of weeks and couldn’t wait to get going? You prepare, you pack, and you set out on your journey.  The first several days are fine and enjoyable. But as the days drag on your body begins to get weary.  You get tired of sleeping in a strange bed and eating restaurant food.  By the end of your trip you can’t wait to get home – to be in that place of familiarity.  You walk in and smell that familiar “home” smell.  You sit on YOUR couch and sleep in YOUR bed and it feels WONDERFUL!!!  You – are – home!!!  That’s what I suspect Heaven will be like once we get there – only 10,000 times better!

So, friend, while there are scary times ahead of us – know this!!! We are only passing through – we are travelers headed to our heavenly home! Keep watch – stay vigilant! The thunder is getting louder but the Trumpet will soon drown it out!

In closing, I’d like to include a paragraph from a post from the website gracethrufaith, written by Jack Kelley:

“I advise everyone to stop watching the network news and instead scroll through the daily headline summaries that many websites (including this one) offer, to gain a more complete understanding of the state of our world.  Then, as you become more familiar with these and other similar passages of Scripture you can gain a perspective on current events that those who are not knowledgeable simply cannot acquire.  You’ll discover you can literally have your Bible in one hand and a cross section of world news in the other and see how it’s all unfolding.

During His first coming Jesus accused the religious leaders of the day of being better at predicting the weather than they were at recognizing the signs of his coming (Matt. 16:2-3) even though those signs were clearly identified in their Scriptures.  As you can see the same can be said about most of our leaders today.  But because we have the completed Word of God we don’t have to depend on anyone else to tell us where we are on God’s time table.  You can almost hear the footsteps of the Messiah! 06-13-15″

Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus!!


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    LEESA NORTHCUTT - August 24, 2015 at 3:45 am - - Reply

    Wonderful Article Well written

  2. Sandra Kay Hayes
    Sandra Kay Hayes - September 6, 2015 at 9:16 pm - - Reply

    Great read!! You are right on. It is hard not to fear, and yet, to also be so excited. Having a handicapped daughter always strikes fear in me as I think of what went on in the past with handicapped people. I pray for God’s protection on my girl and all of the other special ones in this world. So glad that we have hope in Him. “Soon and very soon”, we will heard that trumpet call that will gather us up to our Heavenly Home!!

  3. Lib High
    Lib High - September 6, 2015 at 9:18 pm - - Reply

    Kim this was absolutely touching because everything you wrote is so true!!!

  4. Kathie Bovee
    Kathie Bovee - September 6, 2015 at 9:47 pm - - Reply

    The past few months have been so revealing in an awesome yet scary way. I am ready to go to my heavenly home and will be glad for the rapture. There are so many signs and although we may not have the answers to when this will come about what you said is so true. The changes are in the air. God will work in a mighty way and I also believe it will happen before very long. Thank you for the beautiful message. I very much enjoyed reading it.

  5. Chip Jones
    Chip Jones - September 10, 2015 at 9:34 pm - - Reply

    My thoughts have been on this for about a decade, but never as they have in these last seven years.
    I was so excited to hear Mr Netanhu say, in his Christmas greetings to the U.S., “I believe we are witnessing the fulfillment of Ezekiel’s prophecy of the Valley of Dry Bones right now”
    What exciting, yet fearful times we are in, seeing that we could wake up to a national hunting season on Christians.
    Thank you so much, for a greatly needed reminder, a wake up call for God’s people. God bless you, Ronnie, the Booth Brothers and their families for being “salt & light” in a lost dark world.

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