Cades Cove

In October, 2013, Ronnie and I decided to take a few days of vacation and headed off to the Smoky Mountains. The fall colors were near peak when we arrived and were in gorgeous full color on our last day.  There is one particularly beautiful area within the Smoky Mountain National Park – Cade’s Cove.  The first morning we got up at 4:45 in the morning and headed to the park.  The fog was dense which hindered being able to get dynamic photos of wildlife but did it ever create a beautiful setting for scenic pictures.


Here’s a little history on this gorgeous little jewel of God’s creation:

Traveling through Cades Cove, many like to project themselves backward in time. Should you do the same, you will learn a little of what it was like to live in the Smokies in the 1800’s. It is helpful to ask yourself the following questions. What might it have been like to bump over this Smoky Mountain road in a wagon pulled by horses? What would it have been like to move to the Smokies where the native inhabitants may be angry at your coming, lived a very different lifestyle, and spoke a different language? What would it be like to face the daunting task of clearing the land in hopes of creating a prosperous farm? The first step of clearing the land was done by girding the trees with an ax to kill the tree so enough sunlight would reach the forest floor in that first year to support a garden. Imagine then building a cabin, cooling food that would spoil in the cool springs or streams, hunting and fishing for food. Of course you would need to do that while as quickly as possible also planting a garden so you and your family would not starve over the first winter. What would it be like to tend and harvest the garden and preserve the yield and to know your families survival depended upon your success. Imagine slaughtering your own livestock if you were lucky enough to have it and preserving the meat for later consumption. Imagine chopping down the deadened trees to use for buildings and fences or to burn them into fertilizer. In short image what was it like to be a Smoky Mountain pioneer.

Enjoy the pictures as they take you back to a simpler and more innocent time!!